1. Design, Procurement and Supply of Mining Equipments

Supplier management is always going to be a critical component to the overall procurement strategy of a mining company. It’s fair to say that this management should be treated as a strategic initiative to further guarantee a return on investment.
We offer in cooperation any kind of mining equipment, new or used, and are partners in design, manufacturing and delivery. On request, machines such as conveyor belt systems and belt wagons can be designed.

2. Salt, Minerals and Spicies

Salt is the commercial name of the naturally occurring mineral halite which has chemical composition as sodium chloride. It is one of the most important members of the evaporate series of minerals. Pakistan is one of the very few countries that have been bestowed with all types of available salt in the world. We are exporting salt and spicies around the world from the last few years.

3. Agriculture Machines & Equipments

Pakistan’s agriculture sector is the mainstay of the economy and a primary source of livelihood. A wide variety of more sophisticated equipment related to agriculture are exportedfrom last few decades, Our agriculture machines are renowned in world because of low cost product price and spare parts availability. The most promising agricultural machinery export are Tractors, Combine Harvesters, Cultivators and many others.

4. Sterlizing Equipments

Pakistan reported more than $100 million worth of exports of disinfectants and sterilization products, other medical devices and protective garments in 2018. Two major items exported from Pakistan exports belonging to the medical product categories are un-denatured ethyl alcohol (80% volume or more) and medical and surgical instruments. Pakistan also exported knitted or crocheted gloves as well as medicaments (such as hydrogen peroxide) used as disinfectants and for sterilization. We also helping Pakistan to export sterlizing equipments from the last few years.

4. Air Purifiers & Humidifiers



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